Coaching is about process and partnership.

As a coaching client, you’ll build skills or unlock the next steps on the path that you identify. Whether you already have articulated the questions or are trying to identify what isn't working, I can work with you to co-create a plan specifically for you.

Some clients that I’ve work with have focused on:

  • Overcoming blockers to progress on development or long-term goals
  • Increasing team effectiveness and group attunement through self-awareness about patterns, behaviors, and team interactions
  • Reevaluating approaches to problem solving to create and test new approaches

As a coach, you lead and I follow. The results can look like:

  • Insights into your assumptions, self-awareness about default responses, and guidance on how you can develop new approaches in challenging contexts
  • Accountability as a confidential partner who can help you gain confidence in novel or challenging times
  • Deep knowledge of development & learning frameworks that are well tested & relevant



Northern California